Posted by Heroes of Newerth on 01 12th, 2011
 HoN Patched Changelog 2.0.5

HoN Patched Changelog 2.0.5

Version 2.0.5
- Added new Alt Avatar for Arachna, “Queen Arachna
- Added new Flags, Icons, and Bundles
- Fixed up Chipper recommended items
- “Ownage” now only plays on the fifth team kill streak, not all kills five or greater

- Fixed weather effects stopping when joining a new game
- Fixed Alt Avatars being selected during hero loading
- Fixed a crash when someone selected an invalid Alt Avatar
- The Wards stat is now Wards Placed instead of Wards Bought

- Now begins to lose charges (and consequently, speed) when you are within 900 units of a visible enemy hero
* The max number of charges is lowered by 1 for every 100 units closer you are to an enemy hero

- Fixed some abilities playing through fog
- No longer invulnerable when charging at someone

- Fixed the no damage charge bug

Keeper of the Forest
- Stealth is now removed when the attack completes, not when it starts